5942 34th St. W

Bradenton, FL 34210

(941) 727-7339

Monday-Saturday (10:30am-8:30pm)

Closed Sunday

Dine In - Take Out - Catering

This is the restaurant that started our adventure all those years ago. This location is settled in the tiny el conquistador plaza just off of 34th street, facing the south-west side of the SCF campus. A location that one could easily miss without the knowledge of its existence. Without the use of any sort of advertising the South Philly family built a reputation with the locals and snowbirds, who in turn did the advertising for them. A reputation that is solely built on our quality service, excellent food and comfortable atmosphere. Since our start in late 2002 we have gone from serving few, to hundreds and now thousands a week. As much as our hard work plays a part in our success, we know that it is your love for our product that keeps our South Philly family happy and healthy. So, with that in mind and with much love, thank you.

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